Magic Kingdom Update: PeopleMover Reopens (PART 5)

Come on, you almost made it! This is PART 5 of our newest Magic Kingdom Park photo-report. Click on this link to go back to PART 4 of this update.
In part 4, we started to take a look around Tomorrowland, which is currently receiving some important changes. The Astro Orbiter attraction continues to remain closed as it get refurbished and repainted, while the TTA PeopleMover is once again open to all Guests. We hope you will enjoy the rest of our photos:

Work on the Astro Orbiter continues:

Due to construction, most people used only one side of The Lunching Pad, resulting in dead areas:

The new paint scheme seen around the PeopleMover:

By the way, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover (definitely still one of our favorite attractions in the whole park) has just reopened to all Guests, and it has received a few great improvements.

First of all, the loading and unloading areas (as well as the entrance) have also received a fresh coat of paint. In addition to that, most of the trains have received completely new seat padding and look much better than before. Also, the audio in the first section of the ride is finally... audible! We had never been able to understand anything in that particular section of the ride before our last visit to the park. We are sure that even more has been done around the attraction, but we'll have to ride again to find out what we missed (the ride kept going down during the day, unfortunately, with audio missing in certain scenes toward the end):

A new sign might be installed in this previously bare support:

Notice the new pipes going straight to that support:

Going up:

The new seats:

No more stains or holes!:

Another look at the Astro Orbiter from the PeopleMover:

Back to the rest of Tomorrowland:

The FastPass+ line for Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin was ridiculously long:


A really crowded walkway:

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café:

That looked new to us:

Time to say goodbye:

Before doing that, Disney wants to remind you that Disney's Hollywood Studios actually still exists:

..and it even has a special event going on:

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  1. On the photo of the seat, it actually looks like there is a tiny hole on the front, the third blue panel from the right. Is that something else?

  2. I think the lower picture is "before" and the upper picture is "after." The one with the hole was before the reupholstering.

  3. I don't know whether to thank you or tell you i hate you. The pictures are amazing and always appreciated, but then I think its 450 days till i get back there. The place looks great. Thanks for all you do.

  4. I'm curious to see where all those 'pipes' are going. They're all metal conduit for running electrical or other cabling and that number of them is way more than one sign would need. They look to go up about where the emergency stair to Astro Orbiter comes down and I wonder if the pipes go all the way up. I wonder if they need a bunch more power for whatever they're doing up top, but I would think there is a better place they could've pulled power from in a more hidden area. Hopefully they'll hide them well.


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