Magic Kingdom Park: Hub Construction Update

Magic Kingdom's central hub continues to be a huge construction zone, with plenty of temporary walls scattered throughout the area. That being said, it is still a beautiful place to enjoy the sights and sounds that are heard all around (Cinderella Castle and the blooming trees really make a big difference!). All this work is definitely needed, as the central hub is always a huge mess before, during, and after Wishes and the parades. Let us take a look and see the progress that has been done:

Let's start by taking a look at the right side of the hub:

Above the walls:

Moving around:

A look at the opposite side of the hub:

A few more photos of Cinderella Castle:

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  1. Do they have any plans to theme the side of the building over in the first picture? What is going on there?

  2. To Anonymous:
    Im pretty sure there was just a big tree there blocking i from most people! I heard they might bring in another tree, but i doubt they'll theme the side of the building (even though they should!)

  3. How does all the work affect the night time shows (Wishes etc).

  4. A new tree will not be added in that area, as the walkway has been widened for the bypass and thier is tests to possibly paint the sides of these buildings once it comes nearer to completion.
    Nighttime shows are not effected, at all.


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