Hollywood Studios Update: Farewell to American Idol (Part 1)

Welcome to our newest photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers!
This morning we are going to take a walk around Disney's Hollywood Studios. It's true, there's almost nothing new to report from the park (with the exception of the on-going Frozen Summer Fun LIVE! offerings, but we already posted photos of that event in a separate update); that said, we will have to say goodbye to the American Idol Experience in just a few days. For this reason, let's check it out one last time:

Hollywood Boulevard was busy due to the usual dance party:

Dj Chill. Oh, boy...

As you will remember, before Disney quickly put together the Frozen Summer Fun LIVE! event, another (less interesting) summer-themed offering was supposed to take place. It was yet another dance party featuring Mickey and his friends... with a summer look. Since the special costumes were already created, Mickey and friends are still wearing them during the Frozen Summer Fun LIVE event. Take a look:

Dancing with Guests:

They are really having fun:

Pluto doesn't wear any clothes:

The Great Movie Ride is closing early every day due to the fireworks: