Animal Kingdom Update: Walls, Walls Everywhere (PART 1)

The past few photo-updates covering Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park have been filled with photos of the temporary walls that have been installed all around the park. If you love these kinds of things, then you will definitely appreciate this update, as it features lot of walls for your enjoyment. It is almost impossible taking any picture around the park today and avoid including a construction zone. This is great news for theme park fans, of course. Let's check out the park together:

First of all, the cranes working on the new World of Pandora themed area continue to be visible:

The Yeti parking lot also continues to take shape:

It's still a dirt lot for now:

Entering the park:

Welcome everyone to Disney's California Adv... ahem, Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park:

Shop expansion:

The entire area surrounding the Tree of Life continues to receive attention:

Work is also being done on an area near the Discovery River:

The new Joffrey's kiosk taking shape:

"It's Tough to Be a Bug" is still closed for refurbishment:

The entrance area of the attraction has become a temporary queue for a nearby meet-and-greet:

An animal exhibit being refurbished and expanded:

Notice the new nets:

Another empty exhibit under refurbishment:

Moving on:

The future entrance to the new AVATAR-themed area:


  1. I get the DCA Joke. LOL

  2. Thankfully the days of DCA walls are long gone, but I thought of that when I saw your last AK update! LOL


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