Animal Kingdom Aviary Refurbishment Begins Sept. 2, 2014

The aviary on Pangani Forest Exploration Trail will be closed for refurbishment starting September 2, 2014 and it is scheduled to reopen in time for Thanksgiving. Please, be aware of the fact that, during this refurbishment, the entrance to the trail will be closed to all Guests except for those traveling in wheelchairs to and from the Kilimanjaro Safaris loading area. All trail Guests will be required to enter Pangani Forest Exploration Trail through the exit.

Guests will still be able to visit the habitats of the colobus monkeys, gorillas, meerkats and zebras. Because of the construction, the okapi and yellow-backed duiker visible on the trail will remain off stage throughout the refurbishment.

In addition, the Wilderness Explorer Birding Badge will be relocated under the covered entrance to Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, just behind the Ham Radio Badge. The Tracking, Hiking and Gorilla badges will be awarded where they are distributed today.