New Episodes of Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs

If you enjoy SeaWorld's documentaries, you will be glad to know that brand-new episodes of Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs will be available this weekend. On the Emmy-nominated Sea Rescue, a rescue team faces the challenge of cutting away fishing gear from a baby humpback whale with its protective mother right there by its side. Then an epic rescue effort is underway when a manatee called Chessie wanders so far north the cold winter temperatures put his life in grave danger.

On The Wildlife Docs, a pair of African lion sisters, part of Busch Gardens’ oldest pride, must undergo a medical examination. Then, discover the difference between a turtle and a tortoise when the park's red-footed tortoise and snapping turtle both need to visit The Wildlife Docs.

Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs air nationally on ABC on Saturday mornings during “Litton’s Weekend Adventure” and are among the most popular Saturday morning shows. Sea Rescue has been rated #1 in its time slot in a number of major US markets and the shows have surpassed viewership of over 180 million.
Time is subject to change so be sure to check your local listings. For more information about Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs visit