"Frozen Summer Fun LIVE!" Event - PHOTOS (Part 3)

Welcome to PART 3 of this special "Frozen Summer Fun LIVE!" photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers. PART 2 of this update can be found here.
In part 2, we checked out the popular For the First Time in Forever: A “Frozen” Sing-Along Celebration and some parts of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post & Frozen Funland. We will now continue to take a look around this themed store, and then we will continue to enjoy our stroll in this park:

More Frozen-themed merchandise:

Special edition MagicBands:


The registers area:

Outside, many photo-op have been placed for Guests to take photos. If you download an app that was specifically created for this event, you can even see some characters show up next to you:

More merchandise carts around the park:

They are everywhere:

Even though noting event-related takes place along Sunset Blvd, Frozen banners can be seen here too:

Preparing for the “Coolest Summer Ever” Dance Party:

Sadly, we couldn't stay for the fireworks. You can be sure that we'l go back to check them out soon.

In conclusion, we can say that this is a nice event for Disney's Hollywood Studios. This park is desperately in need for something new, and this is especially true this year, as the other Studios-themed park in Orlando is definitely going to pull many, many Guests away from Disney's Hollywood Studios. Is this event what the parks really needs? Absolutely not. It needs much more than just a few limited-time shows. Will it attract people, avoiding having a park looking like a ghost town? Most certainly (as you can see from the photos). 

That said, as we also shared on Twitter, you can clearly see that this event was put together in a hurry, because the park has absolutely nothing new to offer to Guests. In fact, while the Magic Kingdom has the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Animal Kingdom has the new shows and the new Harambe Theater, and Epcot has... restaurants, Disney's Hollywood Studios has nothing exciting to offer this year. This new Frozen event is a good way to fill this void in a quick (and somewhat cheap) manner. What do you think?

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.



  1. Wow, with the amount of temporary and cheap theming put up, Disney was definitely blindsided by the popularity of Frozen.
    Let's hope they'll have a better themed and more permanent way of celebrating this popular movie soon to be "milked for all it's worth" franchise.

  2. After years of you guys photographing Soundstage 1, finally something new had been put in there.

    While a "good" addition to the park, I wish it hadn't taken over the entire park. The posters on Sunset and Hollywood Blvd are overkill. Kind of reminds me of the 90s when the park would promote the latest animated feature (Lion King Parade, Toy Story Parade, Hunchback Show, Pocahontas Show, etc.). I like the idea of "temporary" exhibits to bring recent films into the parks before they can really get them true attractions. I hope they give Frozen a proper attraction and don't settle saying this is good enough.

  3. If they plan to give a Frozen overlay to the Maelstrom, this sure as heck was a good way to test its true popularity before hand. I'm ok with the idea of an overlay, but just judging by this you wont even be able to walk in the Norway pavilion.

  4. I just got back from a trip last night. Went to DHS a few times during my stay. The first three times it was a ghost town with only three lines - Toy Story, Tower, Rockin Roller Coaster. The rest was short waits if any. I went to Frozen Fun just before my plane and the difference was dramatic. the parking lot was near full - last row at 11 AM. Missed the parade not that it mattered because the people were packed onto the streets. They made no effort to help people see. They just rerouted you through the fantastic exit because the whole street of Hollywood Blvd was blocked. I saw the tops of peoples heads on floats. Went back to oaken's line was 1.5 hrs to get it. Based on people's comments poor planning is to blame because they were trying to control the store crowds and asking fun land or store at the door but the fun land also exited into the store? I never got in. no time. Giving out return times for the singalong was a good idea. I enjoyed it. The sing-a-long aspect made me nervous but was good.could it have been better? yes by far but it was nice seeing anna, elsa, and kristoff. would have preferred they told the story. It was defiantly a cheap fix but it worked. I can see it staying beyond the Sept. End date. the crowd was definitely singing. Had to leave before the fireworks. I picked up a stuffed Olaf - so awesome. But couldn't get the sven because he was only in Oakens. Wish I picked him up in MK. Overall, nice event but not really what the park needs long term.


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