CityWalk Update: Expansion Almost Complete (PART 2)

Hello again, Orlando Theme Park News Readers, and welcome to PART 2 of our newest Universal's CityWalk photo-report! PART 1 can be found by clicking on this link. In part 1, we checked out the area surrounding the new Cowfish restaurant (which will open later this summer) and we had just a small preview of the new Hot Dog Hall of Fame, which has received plenty of new tables, chairs, and themed props. We will now continue our tour of this area:

Let's continue taking a look around the Hot Dog Hall of Fame:

The new screen:

Testing it:

A section of the LED screen was having issues:

A condiment bar was placed to the left of the pick-up window:

More themed props have been added as well:


Nearby, work was being done on the concrete around the restaurant:


This host stand looks new (or, at least it was moved):

We'l conclude with a look around the Bread Box area:

The permanent sign of this new restaurant was not installed yet:

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