CityWalk Update: Bread Box Now Open (PART 2)

We have reached the second part of our latest Universal's CityWalk photo-update (if you have not checked out PART 1 yet, click on this link).
In part 1, we enjoyed walking around the first floor of this entertainment district, also taking a look around the future site of the Cowfish restaurant. Afterwards, we moved on to the second floor, where we started to admire the exterior and interior areas of the new Bread Box location. Let's now continue to explore this area:

Plenty of seating space can be found inside Bread Box:

Other places nearby:


Time to check out the Hot Dog Hall of Fame:

Plenty of new umbrellas have been placed in the area:

Looking good:

A few more photos taken around CityWalk:

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  1. Thanks so very much for the picture updates! Not sure what I would do without them each day! Citywalk is such a great area and I love seeing Universal updating and pouring so much money into not only the themeparks but Citywalk as well!

  2. I agree with Dane! Your picture updates are always so fantastic and really provide a great way to see the parks, especially for those who don't get to make it there often! Just seeing CityWalk makes me hungry...


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