August 2014 Power Pas Blockout Dates Lifted at Universal

Just a few days ago, we posted a rumor stating that the August 2014 blockout dates for Universal Orlando's Power Pass annual ticket could be lifted. It looks like the Team Member sharing this rumor with us was right. In fact, the official Universal Orlando website reports that the blockout dates for that particular annual pass have just been updated. Power Passholders will be able to get into Universal Studios Florida again starting tomorrow! (Note: one of the pages has not been updated yet).


  1. Yay MORE people to wait in the crazy lines!

  2. The calendar has not been updated on the official site, going on Monday, hope I get in!

  3. I just bought the annual preferred passes based on the old blockout dates today. Not only could I have saved $320 by buying the power passes instead, but now the crowds this week will be even worse than I expected!


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