“Winged Encounters - The Kingdom Takes Flight” Debuts

Winged Encounters—The Kingdom Takes Flight,” a new animal experience with flocks of macaws flying over and around Discovery Island, is being performed daily at 9:15 a.m. and 10:15 a.m., as well as 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Please, make sure to note that because the birds are still training and learning their flight pattern, shows are subject to change and are not being printed in the Times Guide for Guests at this time.

There are six types of macaws in the experience: hyacinth, green-winged, blue and gold, scarlet, blue-throated and military. The macaws, with wingspans of up to 60 inches, fly over Discovery Island and land on a perch near the DinoLand U.S.A. bridge. During the up-close encounters, avian experts share conservation stories about the macaws, the majority of which are endangered in their native Central and South America.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date in regards to this and other additions coming to the park. Stay tuned.

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