Cell Phone Charging Stations Debut at Busch Gardens

The official Busch Gardens Tampa Blog just shared this interesting news:
"The days of sitting by an outlet for 20-30 minutes are long gone! We are excited to announce new cell phone charging stations at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island! Whether you’re soaking up the sun at Adventure Island or braving thrill rides at Busch Gardens, these secure charging stations allow you to charge your cell phone while enjoying your day.

The stations are set up similar to a locker system. Your cell phones will be secure throughout the duration of its charging period. All stations accept major credit cards and allow you to completely charge your cell phone for just $2.99.

You can find the Busch Gardens stations at the front entrance of Pantopia Grill and near the front entrance to the Crown Colony Restaurant. You can find the Adventure Island charging station at Mango Joes Café.

Now you can take those 20-30 minutes you would have spent waiting by an outlet and ride Cheetah Hunt!"

Make sure to head to the park's official blog to see some photos of these new charging stations.


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