LEGOLAND Florida Unveils New 6-foot LEGO Globe

Just a few days ago, LEGOLAND Florida and Tampa Electric unveiled a new 6-foot LEGO Globe next to the Imagination Zone attraction venue as part of initiatives to further education on renewable energy inside the park. Built out of more than 250,000 LEGO brick, guests are now able to enjoy the installation along with a new interactive area that features LEGO mini-model communities. The additions to the park emphasize the use of renewable energy.

The TECO LEGO Globe took 600 hours to build over 6 weeks. There were over 250,000 LEGO Bricks used in the construction of the globe. here's a photo of this great LEGO creation, now permanently on display:

Notice the details:

Check out this great timelapse video of the TECO LEGO Globe being constructed brick by brick:

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