First Details About New Universal Orlando Hotels

Our friends over at Parkscope were able to find some very interesting permits today, which provide some great information regarding hotels 5, 6, and 7 that should soon be built at the Universal Orlando Resort. According to the permits, hotel 5 will have about 1,000 rooms, while hotels 6 and 7 would have 400 rooms. In addition to that, hotel 6 may not be a standalone resort, but could be part of a Cabana Bay expansion. Make sure to check out their post for more information and images.


  1. More hotels. It would be nice if they used the space to build another park. My understanding is that space is at a premium at the two present parks to add any more extentions.

  2. Well, many people haven't been to the ones that exist NOW, so there is not quite as much demand for new ones as regular visitors would think.

    Its kind of like the parents who loved WDW until their kids got just a little older and now want to ride coaster. They blame Disney for not keeping up with the desires of themselves and their children. But they ignore the tens of millions of parents that have small children that think WDW just fine, right now.


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