Wilderness Lodge: Roaring Fork Tests New Style of Service

At Roaring Fork (a quick-service restaurant located at Disney's Wilderness Lodge), a new style of service - called fast casual - is currently being tested. The test started Tuesday, May 20, and only takes place during lunch hours. In this test, Guests order from the counter and are given a number. They can then go to the register to pay and find a table. Once their food is ready, it will be brought out to them, hot and fresh. This allows Guests to spend more time together and less time waiting in line.


  1. I visited Contemp Cafe, Roaring Fork and the temporary Capt. Cooks on May 13th, and this system is in place (also occurred during the dinner period too.)

  2. I was just at Roaring Fork yesterday (5/20/14) for dinner and that system was in use. There were no signs up so it was a little confusing on how to order, but the service overall was fine.


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