Star Wars Weekends Begin at Hollywood Studios (PART 3)

Welcome to PART 3 of our new Star Wars Weekends photo-update, Orlando Theme Park News Readers! PART 2 can be found by clicking on this link.

In part 2, we checked out Darth's Mall and all the great Star Wars characters that can be found in the Studio Backlot Tour area of the park. We will now move on to the Streets of America, the Star Tours area, and then the rest of the park:

Darth Vader:

Meet and greets in the Star Tours area:

Calling all Padawans:

He's back:

More characters:

Echo Lake:

Sunset Boulevard:

Time to leave... for now. We'l be back for the fireworks:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.



  1. Do you know if the Darth's Mall shopping area is open other days during the event than the weekends? I'll be at HS on a Thursday.

  2. Unfortunately it looks like Darth's Mall is only open during Star Wars Weekends. That being said, this year the store is in a new location, which is constantly on-stage. They could have it always open...

  3. Disney found a good way of stopping the complaints about the sorcerer's hat.
    By putting an even cheaper crappier looking stage in front of it! :D

  4. I went Friday (the 4th day) and they were already all sold out of the storm trooper cup which is only sold on the weekend. I asked at multiple places and guest relations and was basically told sorry if the worker even knew what I was talking after showing them it on the map.

    It is really sad that Disney in 2014 is so badly run that they cannot track demand or keep an item in stock that they have on all the event guides for the second week.

    I will spend my money else where and I will not be returning.


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