Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Soft-Opening TODAY (May 21)

According to some reports (including a tweet from @DMailNews), the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is now officially holding soft-openings. The ride opened to Guests at the Magic Kingdom Park just a few minutes ago, and is currently allowing Guests into the interactive queue line and the ride itself (note that the ride may close at any give time during soft-openings). If you are currently visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, why not taking advantage of this opportunity to check out this new attraction?


  1. Got to ride it yesterday. The queue is the best I've ever seen. I could've spent an hour playing with all the interactive games.

    As for the ride itself, it is pretty short. I would've liked a longer "dark ride" section. Even slowing down a bit more in that section would help. The dwarves are so life-like it is scary. It looks like looking at a cartoon that is real.

    The fast parts are divided into 2 sections: Before and after the dark ride portion. The second half is much faster than the first. As with all coasters, the wilder, faster ride is in the back seat. The front is very tame as you're almost at the bottom of the hill before the back releases from the chain/cable. The back seat was surprisingly fast and the first big hill after the dark ride portion is excellent. You will get that "stomach drop" feeling.

    The theming is the best I've seen for any Disney ride ever, both inside and outside the attraction. It's just breathtaking. Very natural looking. If you're wondering how it compares to the Harry Potter stuff, it really isn't a fair comparison because one is a city and one is a mountain, so just enjoy them both!

    Excellent new E-ticket attraction for kids, families and adults looking a beautiful if somewhat tamer coaster experience.

  2. Thanks Jason!

    I have a few months to go before my ride.


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