Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: Queue and Ride Photos (PART 1)

Welcome to our newest photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers!
Today we are going to take a look around the great Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which soft-opened just a few days ago. This new Magic Kingdom attractions is definitely a hit, as we have personally observed many Guests leaving the attraction with a big smiles on their faces. Now we would like to take you along with us around the queue and the ride portion of this great addition:

Lines where long but not unbearable during the morning hours on May 23:

The line extended all the way to entrance of Storybook Circus:

A look around the exterior queue line:

One of the great features of the outdoor queue is the amount of shade it offers:

And theming, of course:

The area before the indoor section of the queue line:

Some of the interactive games that entertain Guests along the ride's queue line:

Another game (with real water):

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