Magic Kingdom Park Map: New Fantasyland is Complete

The new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train officially opens in just a few minutes at the Magic Kingdom Park. Many will still not be able to believe this, especially since it feels like that attraction has been under construction for too long. That said, this is the day we were all waiting for, so you should be glad! To prepare for it, take a look at the newest Magic Kingdom Park map, which is available at the park starting today and shows - for the first time ever - the completed New Fantasyland area:

The FRONT of the Magic Kingdom park map (click here for the full-size version):

The BACK of the map (click here for the full-size version):

A closer look (full-size):

Want to preview the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? Then, check out one of our latest photo-updates!


  1. Interesting that the map still shows the Swan Boat Dock, and that Storybook Circus doesn't get called out, it has it own huge entrance sign. I know it is technically part of Fantasyland, but I just would call it out separately since they make it appear like you are entering a new land.

  2. Just look at all that speedway / Space Mountain area… just waiting for a new, truly futuristic star warsy redo..

    Help us Obi Wan, you're Tomorrowland's only hope!

  3. No, No No Star Wars at MK, It fits and belongs at Hollywood Studios and, HS needs it!

    What HS really needs is a full park overhaul Like California Adventure Got... but I wont go into that....

  4. Anon here, Paul I can agree with you on HS, no problem there. The SW rumors for HS have gone stale, but I have no doubt something is in the works.

    But Tomorrowland needs some love too. Doesn't have to be outright SW, but certainly needs more 'tomorrow'.

    The raceway/mountain corner is huge opportunity - Google Earth shows just how much room exists.

    A new bigger Space Mountain would go a long way.


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