Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex News (May 8-24)

Here you are a few updates from the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex:

1. Space fans looking for the perfect way to spend the day of the SpaceX launch on May 10 will find Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex the ideal destination for space exploration. Visitors may enjoy a front row seat to view the 9:47 a.m. launch from the Apollo/Saturn V Center, the closest possible public viewing area.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch eight second-generation Orbcomm communications satellites that will provide two-way data messaging services for global customers. The rocket will fly in the Falcon 9 v1.1 configuration with upgraded Merlin 1D engines, stretched fuel tanks, and a payload fairing.

2. The Visitor Complex is now offering guests several hands-on, science-based “Activity Adventures” as part of their experience at the Central Florida destination. The activities, each from 90 minutes to two hours, provide guests the opportunity to launch a water rocket (Rockitz), create and then land a rover on “Mars” (Rover Lander Drop), or race a jet car (Super Jet Cars). Launched on April 15, the activities are available at different times each day at the Visitor Complex. The three Activity Adventures are offered in addition to regular admission.

3. Space shuttle astronauts Shannon Lucid, the only American woman to serve aboard the Russian Space Station Mir, and Jerry Ross, the first human to complete seven space shuttle missions, were inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame May 3 during a ceremony in the Space Shuttle AtlantisSM attraction at the Visitor Complex. Both Lucid and Ross flew aboard Atlantis during their NASA careers. More than 25 legendary astronauts and space icons also walked the red carpet for the induction ceremony.

4. Veteran NASA astronauts will meet with visitors at Astronaut Encounter:
  • Space Shuttle Astronaut Bruce Melnick, May 8-10
  • Space Shuttle Astronaut Jon McBride, May 11-12
  • Space Shuttle Astronaut Jim Reilly, May 13-19
  • Space Shuttle Astronaut Barbara Morgan, May 20-24
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