Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Update - Getting Closer (PART 1)

As we posted earlier this morning, Cast member training has officially begun  at the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train today, and many of the Cast Members that are part of the ride's opening team have already ridden the attraction. Soft-openings may happen any day now. In the meantime, here you are what could be our very last photo-update focused solely on this Fantasyland attraction (other than an opening day photo-gallery, which we will definitely post in multiple parts). Enjoy:

Most (if not all) of the walls surrounding the ride have been removed. Only a few bushes remain:

What a gorgeous view, isn't it?:

Until yesterday, Imagineers and maintenance were still testing the ride:

Notice the amazing details:

Themed fence:


The new stroller parking is now open:

Part of the outdoor queue line:

The trees and plants really make a difference:

The entrance to the indoor queue line:

The ride's entrance:

The attraction's sign:

Continuing to walk around the mountain clockwise (we started from the entrance to Tomorrowland):

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