A Closer Look at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Animatronics

"Is it open yet?" That's what many people continue to ask us - either online or in person - when talking about Magic Kingdom Park's newest attraction, the Seven dwarfs Mine Train. Yes, many people are excited and cannot wait to experience this ride. In the meantime, the Disney Parks Blog just released even more photos and information regarding the Audio-Animatronics that will populate the ride, giving us an even closer look at these awesome figures:

In addition to that, here you are another great video showing the life-like movements of these characters:

What do you think about these Audio-Animatronic figures? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

PHOTOS/VIDEO: © Disney. All rights reserved.


  1. Will be a fun ride, not too worried about it being kind of mellow - thrill riders have dozens of parks across the country to go play in.

    Wish it were a little longer.


  2. Yah, this ride appears to be a little shorter than i expected/hoped, and the swinging feature doesn't seem to work as well or be as relevant as thought.

    However, the theming is still excelent, as well as the animatronics,and i can't wait to ride it as it'll be an incredible experience


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