Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show: New Opening Song

In the spirit of continually improving and offering our Guests more at our entertainment venues, the creative team behind Disney’s Spirit of Aloha dinner show at Walt Disney World Resort recently introduced a brand new opening number for that popular show.

A brand-new opening was recently added to the show, which consists of a Hula Auana-style dance, choreographed to the catchy Hawaiian song, “Hualalai.”

“I really love the show and the amazing energy throughout, but I always felt something was missing in the beginning,” said Tony Giordano, current show director for Spirit of Aloha. “We wanted to add something to grab the Guests’ attention and introduce them immediately to the beautiful Polynesian culture.”

“I’m really excited because we currently don’t have Hula Auana in the show,” continued Tony, “and it’s a fun way for the Guests to see the more modern version of hula.”

Introducing the new number was a fantastic team effort at the stage between the musicians, the dancers, the food and beverage team, and their Polynesian cultural representatives.

The new opening sequence debuted in December 2013 and can be seen twice nightly, Tuesday through Saturday at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

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