Magic Kingdom Update: Hub Expansion Begins (PART 1)

Welcome to our newest photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers!

This afternoon we are going to take a look around the Magic Kingdom Park. As usual, it looks like this is the park to receive the most attention at the Walt Disney World Resort. A new family roller coaster, a new parade, a new central plaza, new pathways, new seasonal events... there's definitely a lot on the horizon of the Magic Kingdom Park. Let's now enjoy a stroll around the park:

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom Park:

Main Street U.S.A.:

Work on the facade of the Confectionery continues:

Cinderella Castle also continue to receive some attention:

Work on the expanded outdoor seating area of Casey's Corner continues:

The indoor seating area has lost a few tables:

Or so it seems:

It looks like there's a little more space now:

Back outside:

The moat around the hub has been drained:

The central hub is going to look even better in the near future!:

Moving on to Adventureland:

The Swiss Family Treehouse:

More of the Adventureland facades are being refurbished:

This side was recently refurbished, and it looks great:

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