Universal Studios Update: A Gorgeous Waterfront (PART 1)

Welcome to our newest photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers!
Today we are going to take a quick look around Universal Studios Florida to check out on the progress being done in the areas that are currently under construction. As always, we will focus primarily on the London Embankment, but we will also take a general look around the rest of the park. So, without further ado, let us embark on this virtual tour of the park. We hope you will enjoy the pictures (remember to post your comments at the end of this update!):

Let's first take a general look around the entrance of the park and Hollywood Boulevard:

Nothing going on in the Garden of Allah Villas area:

Springfield looks great as usual:

The Simpsons Ride building may need to be repainted soon:

The Dunk or Flunk midway game also needs some help:

Time to check out the London Embankment:

Working on top of the Windham facade:


  1. Dunk or flunk is supposed to be like that. Don't forget your in Krustyland... its been like that since day one.

  2. No, it hasn't:


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