Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: More News Released (Feb. 2014)

The official Disney Parks Blog held a special live chat earlier today, which focused on the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, opening this Spring at the Magic Kingdom Park. Among some of the previously-known facts about the ride (we will include them in our summary anyway), Disney released some new information, photos, and the first (almost) complete ride-through video. Here you are some of the highlights of this live chat (if you would like to read all the messages that were posted, you can do so by clicking HERE):

First of all, let's start by taking a look at some of the new photos released during the chat:

Jenn Fickley-Baker: How is Mine Train coming along? Any recent milestones?
Dave Minichiello: It has come along amazingly well. Pretty much every day is a milestone and some major ones that I’d like to mention are the Dwarfs Cottage, which is going quickly and looking amazing. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train being a part of the forest - we’re starting to see it as a part of the forest with the tree planting. We’re finally starting to see it all come together.

Jenn Fickley-Baker: Just judging from the last time I walked by the attraction in New Fantasyland, a lot of progress seems to have been made recently on the exterior. What’s the latest on that?
Dave Minichiello: Again, the top of the mountain is being planted with trees, the final rockwork is being completed as well as thematic painting of the rockwork. Ride testing continues daily. Now what’s really nice is the propping the attraction both inside and outside.

Jenn Fickley-Baker: Let’s back up to the start of the project for a minute. We have a question from Disney Parks Blog reader Viveen, who asks, ‘Why was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride idea chosen?
Dave Minichiello: I think when we were looking at New Fantasyland and trying to create a mix of attractions that would offer a broad variety of experiences for our guests, we were looking for a family coaster type of experience. That led us to Snow White and a Mine Train type of vehicle. As a centerpiece of the New Fantasyland expansion, we also thought that this type of experience would create kinetic energy throughout the land.

Jenn Fickley-Baker: This brings us to another question. Reader Michael asks, ‘Will all major characters make an appearance in the ride? The Prince, Evil Queen, Snow White, etc.?’
Dave Minichiello: You’ll be able to experience many of your favorite characters from the film.

Jenn Fickley-Baker: Let’s talk about the type of attraction for a second. Elizabeth from FL asks, ‘I am really excited about this ride! I am just wondering how it will compare - speed and dropwise - to other coasters such as Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain’?
Dave Minichiello: It’s a family coaster and it’s a unique experience unlike anything else in our parks. This attraction is more innovative in its ride system and vehicle. It is for the entire family. It gives the guests a new sensation they’ve never had before. And we felt that uniqueness was the best way to tell our story.

Jenn Fickley-Baker: It has been described as a combination of a family coaster and a dark ride. How does that work?
Dave Minichiello: What’s special about Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is the journey. You travel through the forest and explore the mine where the dwarfs are working, but we’re seeing the mine in a grander scale in a way we’ve never told the story before.

Jenn Fickley-Baker: I love it! It looks like the Mine Train will offer an amazing view at night - especially of some of the bigger Magic Kingdom landmarks. What all can you see from up there?
Dave Minichiello: Yes, this is an attraction that has as many amazing views on board as off. From the very beginning, we wanted to showcase those sightlines and see Storybook Circus, a little bit of Mermaid, then we head inside the mine to see the Dwarfs, you come out and see Prince Eric’s Castle, and an amazing view of Cinderella Castle. At our highest lift, you see Prince Eric’s Castle, Beast Castle and Cinderella Castle, so the views are spectacular.

Jenn Fickley-Baker: Now that some of the trains have been on the track for testing, how has that new design worked out? What does this type of ride vehicle add to the storytelling of the attraction?
Dave Minichiello: It has proven to be pretty amazing and a very smooth attraction. It’s a completely new experience - not only having the sensation of pivoting back and forth and it varies throughout the attraction. You feel differences in the various terrain around the mountain.

Jenn Fickley-Baker: The train seems to slow when it hits that “dark ride” point - anything specific we should look for in there?
Dave Minichiello: The reason the train slows is to allow the guests to enjoy the details of the scene. We wanted to let our guests discover their favorite dwarf. All seven are hard at work in the mine scene - and we do have some hidden stuff in there.

Comment From Guest: What will the music in and surrounding the ride be like?
Dave Minichiello: The queue has a surprise song in it that was originally written for the film called ‘Music In Your Soup,’ which we’ve recorded in instrumental version and added to our queue area. All of the music in the queue area is all instrumental, and we wanted to give it a feel that it was played by the Seven Dwarfs.

Comment From Keith: Will there be an interactive queue? if so are there any details you can share?
Dave Minichiello: Yes, we do have some interactive elements in the queue. Part of the “scene one” in the queue area helps us start to tell the story. We have an area where guests can sort and wash jewels, and for the first time, we’re taking guests into the vault as seen in the classic film ‘Snow White.'

Jenn Fickley-Baker: And from Caitlin, ‘What are some special Hidden Mickeys or little details that we should look for?’"
Dave Minichiello: Well, each mine train is very unique and we wanted to make them look like they were used in different times. When you see the vehicles themselves, there’s a lot of layering to them. While you go to the mine and there’s a lot of rustic wood and wood graining throughout the attraction, some of the wood carving is something you seen in the film and we’ve picked that up. The scale and the character of everything around you starts to go into the dwarfs’ world.

Jenn Fickley-Baker: We have time for just a few more questions - and are getting some specifically about accessing the ride. For example, what is the height requirement, and Disney Parks Blog reader Teresa asks if it will be available as a part of FastPass+?
Dave Minichiello: Yes, it will be a part of that offering.

Jenn Fickley-Baker: Another question from Cassandra asks “What is the height restriction w/this ride?”
Dave Minichiello: It’s 38 inches.

Jenn Fickley-Baker: We’ve received a lot of questions about opening date.
Dave Minichiello: We’re on schedule for spring.

Now, here's the first official ride-through video of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train:

So, are you excited to experience this new attractions? Even though it may not be an E-Ticket addition, we can definitely say that we can't wait to see all the walls down and finally see the Fantasyland Forest project complete.

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  1. Very eager to ride. It might not have the energy of Big Thunder (it is meant for a younger audience after all), but should be a lot of fun cruising around the mine.


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