Original Jurassic Park Movie Velociraptor Cage on eBay

Orlando, FL - January 28, 2014 - Steven Spielberg's 1993 Jurassic Park was the highest grossing film of all time when it released in 1993 and now Theme Park Connection is offering what could be the most iconic sought after piece in the film's history. Imagine this, owning the prop that was first to be seen in the opening scene that started the movie franchise. The original movie spun sequences and was even made into a theme park attraction. But this is no attraction, this is the real deal from the original Jurassic Park Movie. 

It is the Velociraptor cage from the opening scene and tucked inside of the cage is a prop dinosaur. Not to mention in their other auctions you can find the unbelievable RV from the 1997 The Lost World, Jurassic Park Movie. 

Theme Park Connection is known for bringing some amazing memories to folks and this prop fits into the companies mold. Brian Ramsey, General Manager says "We want to be able to connect people with items that really play on your emotions, maybe it's a prop from your favorite park attraction, a toy from your youth or something that you can relive and remind you of a specific time or memory. Well this prop is no different, this can bring a person back to when they saw the original Jurassic Park movie for the first time in a huge way." Theme Park Connection is the world's largest reseller of Disney items but have expanded their focus into the movie prop business because it draws on those same emotions a prop from an attraction can. Its "synergy" Ramsey says about the Theme Park and movie prop collectibles. They have sold props from such iconic films as Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean, Back to the Future, Batman and so many more but Brian assures us that this is the most iconic they have ever been able to offer. They buy and sell Movie and Theme Park items from all over the globe.

The auction description tells it all; "In the auction you are bidding on one of the most recognizable props from Steven Spielberg's 1993 worldwide hit Jurassic Park! This is the full-size animal transport cage crate featured in the terrifying opening scene of the classic blockbuster movie. It housed the Velociraptor that attacked and killed the ill-fated 'gate keeper' as Jurassic Park's game warden and workers attempted to move the raptor into its permanent pen." There is still time to bid and to make sure you clear out some room at the house for your very own Velociraptor Cage, Steven Spielberg style!

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