Is the Magic Kingdom Park Lacking Breakfast Options?

The Magic Kingdom Park has always had some issues regarding its restaurant offerings. Many Guests (including us) constantly lament the fact that the park lacks a healthy number of good sit-down restaurants (even though the new Be Our Guest restaurant partially helped in this case, but that is definitely not enough, especially when compared to Epcot's offerings). That said, we have heard of very few people complaining about the breakfast offerings of the park. Today we will take a few minutes to consider this topic.

First of all, the Magic Kingdom Park has the Main Street Bakery, which offers a quite acceptable selection of pastries and other Starbucks products. In addition to that, there's the Crystal Palace, which offers a breakfast buffet, but it is also expensive. That is exactly what one of our Readers pointed out in a letter that he personally wrote and e-mailed to the Walt Disney World Resort (he also shared it with us). We will call him Mr. Parker:

From: Mr. Parker
Subject: Breakfast Options at Magic Kingdom Park
Date: December 11, 2013 10:29:22 AM EST

Good Wednesday morning! I hope this email finds you well. I visited the Walt Disney World Resort this past Thursday through Saturday and ran into what I consider to be a major issue on Saturday at Magic Kingdom.

First let me provide you with some of my background, only so that you will realize that this email is not so much a complaint as it is a strong request for action. I have been to Walt Disney World over 25 times, and i'm only 32 years old. I have been to every Disney Park in the world, including Au'lani. I am a Disney Vacation Club member. But, probably the most interesting thing, I"m an Annual Passholder at Disneyland and not WDW, even though I live in South Carolina. One of the key reasons for this, the quality at Disneyland has far exceeded the quality at Disney World in recent years.  

Now, on to my experience this Saturday. I wanted to visit the park with a friend [...]. In order to enjoy the park a bit as well, we arrived just before opening. I should note, on this instance, I was not in a Disney resort, but rather a Fairfield Inn close to the property. We arrived to the park around 9 [a.m.] and I wanted to grab breakfast. With the crowds [...], a Starbucks breakfast sandwich was not an option. Our first stop was The Plaza Restaurant. They were not open. Next was Tomorrowland Terrace. They were not open. Next, Cosmic Ray's. They were not open. Next, The Friar's Nook. They were not open. All I wanted was a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs. Something substantial to hold me over to lunch. By now you get the picture, I wasn't having much luck. I stopped to ask multiple cast members, one suggested I go to The Crystal Palace. That breakfast would cost me $30 and I would have to wait since I didn't have a reservation. Another cast member suggested I leave the park and go to one of the resorts. At this point I had already spent 45 minutes of my time and my friends time at the park in search of a substantial meal.  

After an hour of looking for an open restaurant that served a basic, substantial breakfast with no luck, I stopped at Gaston's for a warm cinnamon roll. Two important things. One, this is not a substantial meal and is not a great way to start the day. Second, the cinnamon roll was cold. I went all over the park to find approximately 15 locations closed. Out of the few that were open, two were table service, The Crystal Palace and Cinderella's Royal Table. Both of these came at a very expensive price tag and the possibility of not getting seated at all. My other options were baked goods, such as a waffle or cinnamon roll, or fruit.  

I would like to make the case for why Magic Kingdom should have at least one or two locations open serving breakfast. One key point to note, I understand that Disneyland and Magic Kingdom Park are two very separate entities, but Disneyland does this right in every way. They have the Carnation Cafe open for breakfast and other locations throughout the park. They serve items as simple as bacon and eggs all the way to wonderful egg dishes and fruit & yogurt parfaits.  

#1: Many people rush to get out the door so that they can make the most of their Magic Kingdom experience. Often times they miss breakfast, only to get to the park hungry. Remember, a lot of people do not stay on Disney property. (I had a Cast Member point out to me that most people dine at their resort before heading to the park.)

#2: This is a missed revenue opportunity. On every visit I've made to Disneyland Park the restaurants that serve breakfast are always quite busy. If it's open, people will spend money.

#3: 15 locations closed until approximately 11 a.m. What kind of message does this send to the first time park visitor? Heck, what kind of message does this send to the park visitor who is coming for their 26th time? It told me that the park was slow. There was no energy and it felt quite boring. There's a major loss of kinetic energy when that many places are not open.  

#4: Bacon & eggs, fruit & yogurt parfaits, simple egg dishes, Mickey shaped waffles & pancakes are all quite easy dishes to make. It wouldn't take much to do this.  

I know that this won't happen overnight or maybe not in the next few weeks. But I will say that if on my next visit to Magic Kingdom I can't get a substantial breakfast I will be disheartened yet again with the quality and effort being put into Walt Disney World. I know, as a loyal visitor, that opening places such as The Plaza Restaurant and Pecos Bill, and maybe even The Diamond Horseshoe for breakfast would not only make the park money but it would be a welcomed option to guests.  

Thanks for reading.  Hopefully this will make it to management that will see the missed opportunity.

Robert W. Parker

So, what do you think about this topic? Now, we are sure that many of our Readers will have stayed at one of the many Disney Resorts (or hotel hotels in the area), all of which usually have quite a few breakfast offerings (like it was stated in the letter). That being said, would you like to see at least a few more places offering breakfast in the parks?


  1. I have thought the same thing on many occasions. Not much to eat and not a lot of restaurants in general that you can get in to. I somehow got into the castle on my last trip, the first time in 12 years of trying. I don't usually have a problem as I eat at the resort or in my room, but i can see the authors point. If a store or restaurant is open, people will go in and most likely buy something. The tomorrowland terrace is such a waste of space and I haven't seen anyone working inside of it in years. Great location for quick serve meals in the morning or evening.

  2. Magic Kingdom does have breakfast options available, you just didn't like the offerings available. Cyrstal Palace, Cinderella's Royal Table for full service meals and Starbucks, Gastons for lighter fares.

  3. If you're staying off-property already, this shouldn't be a problem. Although, yeah, there should be a place to get breakfast items all day in a park.

  4. Totally agree, the Magic Kingdom or WDW for that matter doesn't really come off as inviting or friendly for that matter in certain aspects and food is one of them.
    Its just not how it used to be, FIX THIS

  5. Sheesh - just walk over to the Contemporary if breakfast in a theme park is that big of a deal to you. And how hard is it to get on monorail or boat to Grand Floridian or Polynesian if you think you're going to die of starvation before lunch.

  6. The Tomorrowland Teerrace would make a great breakfast option....It seems to be set up like McDonald's and we all know they do huge breakfast business. How hard would it be to have some breakfast sandwiches, a few breakfast platters, along with croissants, muffins and bagels for sale? MK IS missing a huge opportunity here. Many folks just want to get to the MK and grab something on the fly, and an option like this would be a welcome addition.

  7. The whole point is your not suppose to leave the park once your in it. Its out of your way, the park itself needs to offer the breakfast option

  8. I completely agree. Both Crystal Palace and the Castle offer breakfast offerings but at a huge price. Tomorrowland Terrance or Diamond Horseshoe Revue would be two perfect places to have quick service breakfast offerings. Starbucks I hear is very crowded and there is no place to sit. Gastons offering cold cinnamon buns? Yuck. Take a tip from Disneyland's Jolly Holiday Cafe where they have warm and very delicious cinnamon buns.

  9. MK needs new dining options, period. Be Our Guest is great if you can get into it, but all the other parks have better options otherwise.

  10. I think they should let Earl of Sandwich have a booth somewhere on Main street. The only place I found to serve quick service breakfasts was at a booth near the TOT at DHS where I eat a bacon roll with a coffee deal.

  11. I think it is strange that someone whose obviously has money (been to every Disney park in the world, DVC member and passholder), complaining about the price of the available breakfast places (Crystal Palace and Beast Castle). Obviously, you have been in the park several times, and only now you notice the lack of service? I have been four times and I know that there is not a lot available. It doesn't bother me since the last thing I want to do before going on a lot of rides is eat a big breakfast. Considering the price of the place, I want to make a full day of it and not waste time waiting to be served a meal. Lot of complaining over nothing. I am sure there are people who would put up without eggs for a breakfast if it meant they could afford to be at Disney.


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