Fun Spot America Update: Theming Additions (PART 1)

We haven't been able to visit Fun Spot America in while, but we finally found the time to do so yesterday. There are quite a few new theming elements here and there, and we found the park looking incredibly clean despite the large crowds coming to visit. The Arie family needs to be commended for the great job each of them is doing. Let's now take a quick look around:

A new sign with the operating hours of the park has been installed right outside the new main entrance:

The Sweet Spot shop is now open:

Entering the park:

New themed billboards can be seen all around:

It looks like nothing is yet happening in the future site of Fun Spot's water park (if it is still happening):

There was also an old park map back there:

New theming elements were recently also added to the Freedom Flyer coaster:

Note the new statue:

New signs and billboards:

This was an existing sign:

It's a great coaster:

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