Polercoaster Ride Coming to Florida in 2016

A brand-new ride is coming to Florida in less than two years. It is known as the "Polercoaster," and it is just one of the latest attractions created by the US Thrill Rides company. Here you are additional information on this new concept:


Delivering high thrills in a small diameter footprint is a recipe for economic success. The vertical nature creates an amazing visual experience with potential for exceptional lighting options and signage that can provide ancillary revenue streams.

Operation is simple. Trains are boarded by guests. They are then driven to the top loading them with enormous potential energy. Gravity then takes over... aided by designers skilled in wringing every ounce of adrenaline out of that stored energy. Thoroughly exhilarated guests disembark at the bottom. The result is a guest experience sure to drive repeat visitation and word of mouth promotion.

Additionally, Polercoaster™ is an observation tower serviced by two glass elevators. This allows operators to use the two levels on top as an observation deck and retail/restaurant space, providing additional revenue. All this adds up to an irresistible opportunity for operators seeking to maximize value for their location assets.

  • Two attractions in one: thrilling vertical roller coaster and observation tower with retail space, restaurant/bar and observation area;
  • Tremendous design range of track configurations;
  • Full coaster experience in a tiny footprint including loops and rolls;
  • Potential for an impressive light show;
  • Safe, secure, efficient operation;
  • Powered up, gravity down;
  • Excellent economic potential in high traffic sites;
  • Proven technologies;
  • Excellent solution for space constrained market opportunities;
  • 850 - 1,600 passengers per hour.

The exact location of this new roller coaster (announced during the 2013 IAAPA Expo) will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

ARTWORKS: ©2013 US Thrill Rides LLC. All rights reserved.


  1. Ummm...let me guess....Fun Spot?

  2. Read that the PolerCoaster would go up in Busch Gardens Tampa. Not sure if I believe that just yet.

  3. I'm thinking International Drive, somewhere by I Drive Live?

  4. We think that I-Drive Live would be one of the better choices. If not, the next choice would be Fun Spot U.S.A., as it has only one major coaster (Fun Spot America now has two major coasters).

  5. I would guess I-drive, but I'm hoping Jacksonville.

  6. I think it's either going to be at Universal or Busch Gardens, my uncle works with the US Thrill Ride company and it will be at a major theme park in Central Florida.

  7. I'm hoping in Island Of Adventure In Orlando,Florida!!! I't would be so awesome!!!


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