GATORLAND Photo-Gallery (PART 5)

Welcome to PART 5 of this special Gatorland photo-gallery (PART 4 can be found HERE).

The Swamp Walk was one of our favorite areas of the park. You are in a real swamp (walking on a safe, raised walkway)and you can really admire the awe-inspiring natural wonders that many other people do not get to see:

Just a warning before entering the area:

Truly beautiful:

Mind your head!:

The trees are expanding to include the wooden railings:


Gator Wrestlin' is one of the most popular shows in the park (no gator is hurt in the show, of course):

The show is about to begin:

Everybody working at this park was great:

He was not hurting the gators. He actually made sure to choose the one that didn't do a show in a long time:

There he goes:

He made it!:

Great job!:

It was a nice show:

Time for another show, the Gator Jumparoo Show:

Two funny guys have to basically feed these gators:

But it is not as easy as it looks:

Yes, it can get dangerous:

After a nice day at Gatorland, you can end the day shopping at their biggest shop, located at the exit:

And that is all!:

We hope you enjoyed this special overview of one of Central Florida's most entertaining minor attractions. If you want to know more bout this park, make sure to visit their official website. If you have already had the opportunity of spending a day at Gatorland, feel free to share your experience with us! Thank you very much in advance, and see you again soon!


  1. Nice to see Gatorland get some attention! I've been a Florida resident for over 35 years and I'm ashamed to say I've never been (although my son has been on school trips.) Wondering if some of those animals were transplanted from Cypress Gardens? They had a gator named "Tarzan" who starred with Johnny Weissmuller back in the 1930's-1940's. Wonder whatever happened to him?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Greg. Unfortunately, we haven't heard of any gator named Tarzan over there, but he might very well be there today (if he is still alive). I am also sure they got some of the animals from Cypress gardens (or at leas I remember hearing that somewhere). You should make it a point and visit Gatorland sometimes!

  3. Great update on an amazing little gem. When I was there they (quite a few years ago) they had a "snake pit" where a guy explained about all snakes common to Florida and how to see if they are dangerous or on. It was very helpful because us being from Europe we weren't used to having snakes in our garden but they very quickly showed up in our home in Orlando and we knew to leave the rattlesnake alone.
    Is the pit still there?
    Also fun to see the sigh on the Island, it's actually from the James Bond movie Live and Let Die with Roger Moore that had some scenes filmed at Gatorland.

  4. Gatorland is a hidden gem of Florida. We always take a break from Disney to go here. The aviary is amazing where the birds come directly to you to eat. (If you go to feed the birds do it earlier rather than later in the day). Also if you have older kids or are adventurous without kids the zipline course is fantastic too!

  5. This was a great update but I can't believe you didn't make it out to the back to see the Crocs, or past the splash pad to see the panthers!


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