GATORLAND Photo-Gallery (PART 1)

Most (if not all) of the visitors coming to the beautiful Central Florida are definitely aware of the existence of the Walt Disney World Resort, the Universal Orlando Resort, the SeaWorld Parks, and LEGOLAND Florida Resort. Sadly, a very small percentage of them actually takes the time to enjoy the REAL Florida, which includes the natural beauty (natural parks, botanical gardens, beaches, forests, springs, etc...) and the minor themed attractions like Gatorland. In fact, Gatorland may be rightly considered a smaller park, but it packs a lot of interesting exhibits, and it celebrates the wild side of Florida. 

This afternoon we want to share with you the pictures we took during our latest visit to Gatorland, hoping this will make you want to plan a visit to this great place. If you love nature and its plants and animals, you will enjoy taking a stroll in this park:

Let's start to take a look around the entrance area:

There was a quite long line to get into the park early in the day. Good to see that:

Cast Members were showing Guests baby gators while they were waiting. Talk about interactive queuing!:

Let's go inside:

The first thing you see when entering Gatorland is - of course - gators!:

...and lots of them!:


The walkways:

"What's up?":

A small snack bar:

Bigger gators:

Nice interactions between animals of very different... backgrounds:

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