CityWalk Update: Construction Continues (Nov. 2013)

This afternoon we are going to take a quick look around Universal's CityWalk to see how the many construction projects are progressing (SIDE NOTE: these photos were taken a few days ago, and do not include the new Red Oven Pizza Bakery because we are going to post a separate update for that, which should include a review of the place. Stay tuned). Let's see:

Work on the former Endangered Species Store continues:

The interior of the CityWalk Guest Services location was recently completely repainted:

Work of some sort being done around the A/C unit of Red Oven Pizza Bakery:

The Coke LED screen should receive some attention soon according to some rumors:

Moving on:

Work on the new Spanish restaurant continues:

Temporary sign:

The new Spanish restaurant seen from another angle:

A quick look around other areas of CityWalk:

The main sign of the NASCAR Sports Grille still looks terrible:

The hidden area of CityWalk:

And that... is all:

Thank you very much for following us in this latest photo-update, and see you later with more news.

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