Universal Studios: Construction Update (PART 1)

Today we have a special weekend update covering Universal Studios Florida, which is constantly receiving something new, be it a minor addition or a new themed land. Let us take a look around and see what's new:

First of all, some seemingly minor work is being done in the backstage area behind the Universal Studios Store:

Moving on:


The Beverly Hills sign may need some attention:

Only at Universal Studios!:

The (closed) Cafe La Bamba:

Transformers: The Ride - 3D:

This area needs to receive some love:

New signs have been installed on the booths near the entrance to the Kid Zone:


We love this area. It's so colorful and appealing to the eyes:

Chief Wiggum's refurbished car:

It looks nice:

A look around the rest of Springfield:

A lot of benches were recently added throughout the area:



  1. Why in the world did they change the paint scheme on the police car? It doesn't even look like a police car now. The original paint job was show accurate. I know this might seem like a minute detail to complain about, but it bothers me that they made it worse.

    1. The new colouring is show accurate now. The old colour have been used in the show but this white car is the current model in the show & for Simpsons toys too. I agree it looked better before, but Simpsons executives weren't happy with the colouring and thought it didn't fit brand.

  2. And Im sure the black paint on the previous police car wasn't friendly to the tourist that touched it on a hot summer day.

  3. Why can I not see the pictures?

  4. @Last Anonymous: What device are you using, and what web browser?


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