"Midendhil Experience" Coming Soon to Orlando

The first novel of a new fantasy saga called “The Land of Midendhil” was released just two days ago (Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013). This brand-new book series is part of a global project that "involves the production of a series of merchandising products, the creation of amusement parks and entertainment centers in Italy and the USA, and the involvement of the production company Endemol for everything related to Web and TV."

As we hinted on Twitter yesterday, a new entertainment center (that could possibly turn into a theme park) will soon be opening in Orlando. Take a look at one of the possible rides envisioned for this new park/area:

Here you are the official description of this new entertainment center/theme park:

The Midendhil Experience

"The saga of Midendhil will be soon an incredible entertainment center located in Orlando, Florida.

In Midendhil Experience there will be a special arcade with innovative and spectacular video games to live starring the wonderful world of Midendhil, a theme shop... and a great restaurant to taste the dishes and recipes described in the saga.

But above all, in the gigantic theater, you can watch the magnificent Musical of Midendhil, an incredible show, produced by the best theatrical producer and the greatest professionals of the theme parks and the film industry in the world. Packed with special effects ever seen, give all the spectators an unforgettable experience.

Midendhil: a new world for a new experience of fun."

The person behind this project has helped in the construction of many other theme parks and hotels around the world, including Disneyland Park in Paris and Gardaland (CLICK HERE for a PDF file with some photos).

Lastly, here is a rendering of a proposed indoor theme park, which could also be built here in Orlando:

At this point, additional information regarding this project are very scarce. We will keep you up-to-date with possible new developments regarding this new addition in the coming months. Stay tuned here on Orlando Theme Park News.

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