Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin - Eight Webisode

New Behind The Freeze Installment: “Life at the South Pole” and Exclusive Desktop Wallpapers

Orlando, Fla. (October 23, 2013) - Watch the newest installment of Behind The Freeze, where you’ll get a taste of the South Pole from Animal Expert Corey Oxman, who’s actually braved the harsh conditions on the continent of Antarctica. Since so few will ever get the opportunity to explore the land themselves, she showcases how we've re-created the realm at our newest attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. From little known facts about the international treaty to a hydroponic garden producing fresh herbs to places to enjoy the good cuisine from Expedition Café, this video will open your eyes to the Bottom of the World.

And, just released…you can now bring the beauty of SeaWorld’s Antarctica to your desktop with all-new penguin wallpapers available for download here.

Stay tuned to for more Behind The Freeze webisodes and cool content.

VIDEO: © 2013 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

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