Animal Kingdom: New Theater Goes Green (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of this new Disney's Animal Kingdom photo-report (PART 1 can be found HERE).

Let's continue out Kilimanjaro Safaris tour:

Can you spot the sleeping lion?:

More animals:

Some photos of the gorillas (from the Maharajah Jungle Trek):

Gorilla Falls:

Magnificent landscaping:

Photos of other areas of the exhibit:

Moving on:

It is finally time to check on the progress that has been done on the new Festival of the Lion King theater:

Some over-the-wall photos (some may appear repetitive, but they all contain some new details):

A lot of work was done since our last update (which was posted a couple of weeks ago):

That should be all for now. Thank you as always for reading, and make sure to check out our other photo-reports that we just posted a few days ago. Also, we want to remind you that your comments are always very much appreciated, so if you have the time to do so, please, share your thoughts and opinions with us! Thank you again.

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer.


  1. Do you know what the capacity of the new theatre will be?

  2. Thanks for another great update! They've always helped to keep me in touch with everything in Orlando, but over the last couple of weeks they've just helped to build up the anticipation for my next Orlando vacation!

    I've always thought that Animal Kingdom is a beautifully themed park. Hopefully the nighttime show (and Avatarland, regardless of the reservations some readers have) will finally give AK a full range of attractions to match the visual beauty

    Can't wait to see it again for real - only 3 days to go now!!!!

  3. Do you know if the only pathway to the new theater will be from Africa or will there eventually be a new path from the theater to Avatarland?


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