Disney Quest Lobby Closing Soon for Refurbishment

Disney Quest is continuing to receive some love. In fact, in just a few days, the lobby of Disney Quest will close to be completely refurbished. Work is scheduled to last for at least two months. Take a look:

Beginning September 16, 2013 , the Disney Quest lobby will be temporarily closed for refurbishment. During this time Guests will enter and exit the venue through the Emporium Merchandise shop turnstiles. Work are expected to be completed on November 19, 2013. As always, keep in mind that dates can change at any time.

This project should be seen as a very positive thing, as many fans consider today's Disney Quest as being a quite stale attraction (despite still being very relevant and having fun games). We have to say that we love the concept of Disney Quest, but it needs to be refreshed. The lobby is one of those areas that need to be fixed, especially since the Genie no longer "accompanies" Guests to the middle floor (the elevator is now just... well, and elevator, while before it was an integral part of the whole Disney Quest experience). Also, the entire exterior of Disney Quest was recently completely repainted. Are these signs of more improvements coming soon? We sure hope so.

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