Power Outage at Universal Studios Florida (PART 1)

Universal Studios Florida experienced a major power outage yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, August 14, 2013). This affected quite a few of the park's rides, attractions, shows, restaurants, kiosks, and... yes, even restrooms. Lights inside half of the park's buildings were out, as was the air conditioning, the show effects and the cash registers (transactions had to be done by hand!). Even the turnstiles at the entrance of the park were not working, and Team Members were using hand-held devices to scan the tickets (no finger scan was done). The OTPN Team was there when all of this happened. Let's take a look around the park, to have a better look of how major this power outage was, and to see exactly which attractions and shows were affected:

First of all, the blank block on the "How Tall Are You?" sign is still... blank:

This was the line to get into the park:

All the turnstiles were down due to the power outage:

These were completely gone. Can you imagine if something like this happens at the Walt Disney World Resort after the roll-out of the MyMagic+ system. Wow... that wouldn't be good:

Team Members using the hand-held devices (iPhones) to scan tickets:

Oh... and Fear Factor Live was down. One good news, at least. :-)

Just for emphasis:

Inside the park:

This ride could be considered a tad overrated. It's great, but I wouldn't wait this long to ride it, personally:

Shrek 4D was one of the attractions affected by the power outage:

People were being evacuated through the entrance of the attraction:

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit seemed to be fine:

People gathered in front of the Transformers meet-and-greet:

They were waiting for the Team Members to close the doors, so that Bumblebee could go backstage:

They had to do that by hand, because... there was no power:

This video will show you just how much more time it takes to shut this door manually:


All the monitors of the kiosk selling photos in front of the meet-and-greet were down:

Transformers - The Ride: 4D, on the other side, was working:

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