Epcot: New Fountain View Sign Partially Unveiled

If you follow Orlando Theme Park News on either Twitter or Facebook, you will have surely noticed that we posted some photos of the new Fountain View sign that was recently installed at Epcot. The completely refurbished Fountain View quick-service location will reopening just a couple of weeks, and it will serve Starbucks coffee, pastries, and other products. Here's a (partial) look at the new sign (NOTE: we apologize for the low resolution of some of the photos, but they were taken with a cell-phone. Thank you for understanding):

Fountain View at night:

Behind the walls:

Some new information we were able to gather by observing the building:
  • All the doors leading in and out of the building will finally be automatic;
  • A brand-new outdoor ramp will allow Guests using a wheelchair to enter through the main entrance;
  • Brand-new LED lights have been installed all over the ceiling;
  • The entire area now has a more "open" feeling;
  • It looks like there may be two small outdoor seating areas;
  • The small pathway behind Fountain View (the old queue line for the Epcot Character Spot) has been completely walled-off;
  • There will be a total of three different signs (before there was only one).
On an unrelated note, the nearby Electric Umbrella now offers a new macaroni & cheese burger:

Also, there's a slightly different vegetarian flatbread now:

We will share with you a complete Epcot photo-update in the next few days very soon. Stay tuned.


  1. I actually love the look of the black color of the building underneath the word Fountain. Given the font used, it makes the building look more "Futuristic" given the color scheme. That would be cool if Epcot's future world re-painted all their buildings to match that color palate to really bring a more futuristic look to the buildings.

  2. I was thinking the same exact thing Justin!

  3. I agree the color scheme is fresh and futuristic, brings the building out of the 90's and into the present.


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