SeaWorld Update: Antarctica's Nets Leaving (PART 3)

Welcome to PART 3 of this SeaWorld Orlando photo-report (PART 2 can be found HERE).

The billboard displaying the show times for Shamu Rocks! mentions the new fireworks finale:

A quick look around Shamu's Happy Harbor:

The Seven Seas Railway is the area's newest addition:

New cart selling pictures and frames next to the photo-op with Shamu:

An empty Wild Arctic:

The Arctic Shop:

Mango Joe's:

We are noticing a slight decline regarding the cleanliness of the SeaWorld Parks:

This walkway (and the Atlantis Bayside Stadium) is now used even less. Another gigantic waste of space:

They didn't even bother to take off that sign:

Some work is being done on both sides of the walkway near Mango Joe's:

Could this become a gated area in the future?:

In fact, SeaWorld has recently started opening the various areas of the park in phases:

We are not fans of this system, but they say it helps saving some money:

The mostly-unused Atlantis Bayside Stadium:

Another budget cut for the year?:

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