SeaWorld Update: Antarctica's Nets Leaving (PART 1)

Good afternoon, Orlando Theme Park News Readers, and welcome to another very extensive photo-update! Today, we will take a look around SeaWorld Orlando, to see how the park is doing almost two months after the grand opening of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. Let's start from the entrance of the park, as we always do:

It wasn't a very busy afternoon due to the incoming storm:

Manta was temporarily down:

By the way, the waterfall behind the ride's sign is working again:

Key West:

A new Coca-Cola Freestyle location was recently added in the Key West Market area:

It looks very good:

Due to the incoming rain, most shows were full (Guests were seeking a shelter, so why not enjoying a show?):

The Voyager's' Smokehouse:

The small quick-service booth located next to the entrance of the Voyager's Smokehouse now sells hot dogs:

The menu:

Movin' on:

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