SeaWorld Update: Antarctica's Nets Leaving (PART 5)

Welcome to PART 5 of this SeaWorld Orlando photo-report (PART 4 can be found HERE).

We will now take a look inside the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin attraction/exhibit:

The LED lights inside the attraction are really great:

Almost ready to get on board:

Can you see Puck?:

There he is!:

We just uploaded our very own on-ride video of Empire of the Penguin. We'll post it soon. In the meantime, as we reported some weeks ago, the nets installed in the penguin exhibit are still slowly being removed:

Only a couple of sections of the exhibit still remain behind nets:

We love penguins!:

...but it's way too cold for us in there. Let' move on:

The not-that-cold area of the exhibit:

Once we got out of Antarctica's realm, we took a few photos of Journey to Atlantis:

Our camera was foggy for a few minutes after exiting the extremely cold penguin exhibit:

The temporary outdoor gift shop next to the area's restrooms was recently replaced with a much smaller version:

New station to recharge your electronic devices, sponsored by Southwest Airlines:

We'll conclude with two panoramic photos. This one was taken inside the realm of Antarctica (FULL-SIZE):

This one was taken from the bridge connecting the Waterfront with the Shamu Stadium area (FULL-SIZE):

Thank you for setting aside a few minutes to read through this entire update. Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to do the update!

  2. Why build a new Coaster ?
    Its Sea World and if Sharks got an "Antarctica" update it bring more visitors to the park . More an experience as an exhibit


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