LEGOLAND to Introduce the "Premium Play Pass"

Most of the theme parks here in the Central Florida area offer an option to skip the long lines usually found at the most popular rides and attractions. The Walt Disney World parks have the FASTPASS service; the Universal Orlando parks have the Express system; the SeaWorld parks have Quick Queue. But, what about LEGOLAND Florida? The park didn't offer such a thing in the past, but this is changing now with the introduction of the new "Premium Play Pass" system. One of the many attraction that will offer this service is the brand-new "Quest for Chi" ride, which opened just a few days ago in the World of Chima land. Here's a recently-installed sign:

So, how will this new service work? Here's a quick overview of the Premium Play Pass, from the official LEGOLAND California website (the LEGOLAND California Resort already offers this system):

"The Premium Play Pass is available for $150 per person (adults/children) and does not include admission. Benefits include front-of-line privileges at LEGOLAND California, reserved seating at our shows and unlimited food and drink at Wok 'N' Bowl Ramen, Garden Restaurant, Fun Town Market, Knights' Table and Castle Ice Cream. No to-go benefits are included and front-of-line privileges do not apply to dining. Valid Premium Play Pass wristband must be shown at time of order and pick up."

More details can be found in the following brochure (it can be downloaded at

So, what do you think? Should LEGOLAND Florida charge $150 for this new service? What about the unlimited food and drink? Does that sound a fair price to you (considering all the privileges included)? Let us know!


  1. That seems mighty expensive. Evert time I see pictures of Legoland, it always looks close to empty. Are line ups that bad that you need to spend that kind of money?

  2. Well, you have to keep in mind that LEGOLAND Florida is the largest LEGOLAND in the world. We always visit the park about three to four hours before close, so most of the Guests move to the Water Park and the back of the park at that time, that is why the park may look empty in our photo-updates. Some of the lines do get quite long during the day.

  3. Actually Legoland FL has been selling a Fastpass option since 2011. It's called the Hero Pass the one you see on the blue sign. It's $150 and it's only sold at the gate but that pass includes park admission.

  4. Isn't the HERO Pass for Guests with disability?

  5. I would love to hear whats next for LL fl will thare be a expanding WOC? something to think about their was rummer that phase 2 woc might happen maybe a new ride in 2014?

  6. A quick research of the pass by OS and many other media outlets says Hero Pass is a Fastpass sold by Legoland FL since 2011. The handicap logo on the Hero Pass one also alerts guests with a wheelchair or special pass can use that entrance!


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