Epcot: Enhancements Coming to Illuminations?

First of all, let's start by saying that the following is nothing more than a mere rumor, as we have no "insider's knowledge" about what some of the Walt Disney World Resort's future theme park projects are at this moment. 

That said, we simply want to report that we have noticed a lot of buoys all around the World Showcase Lagoon in the past few days. Most of them are white, and a few of them are red. We have never seen them before, so we definitely think they could be a potential sign about some possible enhancements coming to the park's already fantastic (but old) nighttime show, "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth." Here you are a few photos of the buoys we are referring to (NOTE: We apologize for the low resolution of these photos, but we didn't have our camera with us yesterday, so we had to use our phone. Again, we apologize about that):

Some of the buoys were very near to the shore:

Of course, these buoys could have always been there, and we just never noticed them...

So, what do you think? Is it possible that we may see a brand-new version of Iluminations in the next few years? Would you like to see the park completely altering the show (adding more special effects or better fountains, perhaps) and make it more appealing, or do you think they should leave as it is, maybe making minor changes?

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