Discovering Florida: Ripley's St. Augustine (PART 1)

Today we are going back to the beautiful city of Saint Augustine for one last time, and we will visit what could be the wackiest (and craziest!) of the many museums of the city: Ripley's - Believe It or Not! It's true, we have a version of Ripley's odditorium also here in Orlando, but the one in Saint Augustine is not only bigger, but it is also housed in a magnificent castle that is definitely worth visiting. Let's take a look around:

Just outside the building, visitors can find a house built inside a trunk of a humongous tree (it's free to visit):

It's truly amazing:

Back to the main entrance of the museum:

Our tour guide for the day:

Here you are an overview of some of the hundreds of exhibits that this museum includes:

Jack Sparrow:

These are toast pieces!:

Going up:

The beautiful atrium of the museum (which encompasses three floors):

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