Hidden Mickeys Field Guide - OTPN Review

The Orlando Theme Park News Team recently received a copy of the "Hidden Mickeys - A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secrets" book, written by Disney Theme Parks Fan Steven M. Barrett. Today, we are very happy to share with you our official review of this great book. Let us first describe what this book is about.

The Intrepid Traveler (the publisher of this guide) shared the following information regarding the book:

In this sixth edition, Barrett, with the help of his many fans, has searched out and documented more than 1,200 Hidden Mickeys throughout the Walt Disney World parks and resorts, including those hiding in the New Fantasyland. They're just waiting to be discovered by dedicated Hidden Mickey hunters, and 1,200 marks a three-fold increase over the number collected in the first edition of the book published 10 years ago.

Yes, the book contains more than a thousand different Hidden Mickeys, which can be found throughout the entire Walt Disney World Resort. The book is divided in 10 chapters, and each one of them covers an entire area of the resort (for example, there's one chapter for each theme park, a chapter for both water parks, a separate chapter for the hotels, and much more). Each section of the book contains some general directions that will eventually lead you to the location of the Hidden Mickey you are looking for. Having trouble finding some of them? No worries, as each chapter also has a special sub-section called "Hints" that gives you some   clearer (and easier!) directions. It may be considered cheating by some, but that's still helpful if you are stuck.

The book itself is great, very well-written, and very easy to carry around with you while in the parks. Of course, Readers have to keep in mind that this is definitely not a book they may want to read cover-to-cover in one day (it's not a novel or a tour guide). It is a guide that should be used when actually visiting the park (there's nothing wrong in previewing the content at home, though!), as it will direct people where to go to find every possible Hidden Mickey found in any public establishment located anywhere inside the Walt Disney World Resort. This may also keep the Readers (and their families) occupied while waiting in one of those long lines during the holiday weekends... Another great feature of this book is also the fact that it gives Readers the possibility of following a specific touring plan that will allow them to save time while checking out the entire park! In fact, the book even directs the Readers to take a FASTPASS ticket for a specific attraction at a specific time to maximize your day's visit. Of course, one can choose not to follow the book's advices and just wander around the park at his/her leisure, looking for random Hidden Mickeys that can be found along the way.

This guide also contains the maps of all four theme parks (they look very bare, but they work), personal opinions regarding some specific Hidden Mickeys, and other side notes that will give Readers additional background information regarding this very entertaining, scavenger hunt-type game that the entire family can enjoy.

In conclusion, if you are a lover of all things Disney, and if you like searching for those popular icons found all over the Walt Disney World Resort, we definitely recommend Steven Barrett's Hidden Mickeys' Field Guide!
With this review, we officially conclude the special Hidden Mickey's Week. Thank you for staying with us!


  1. There is NO apostrophe in "Mickeys." Just like the title of the book. Man!

  2. We know that, thank you for pointing that out, but our special week was celebrating the Hidden Mickey ICON itself, not the Hidden Mickeys as a whole. It was the Hidden Mickey (ICON)'s Week.


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