Fun Spot America's Expansion Photo-Gallery (PART 1)

The first phase of the expansion project of Fun Spot America (formerly known as Fun Spot Action Park) can now be officially considered done. All the new attractions and rides are now open for Guests to experience including the two new major coasters, the second tallest SkyCoaster in the world, a number of flat rides, and new shops and restaurants. To celebrate this great project, we have more than 150 photos to share with our Readers. You will notice that many of the photos include the new wooden roller coaster (White Lightning), but we also have a lot of pictures of all the other new additions. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy this extensive photo-gallery:

The new main entrance looks quite impressive:

Let's start with a quick overview of the new area:

The horses of this new Carousel were brought directly from the former Cypress Gardens Adventure Park:

The Freedom Flyer, Fun Spot America's suspended steel roller coaster:

The station of White Lightning, Fun Spot America's new wooden roller coaster:

The lift-hill:

Having fun? You bet!:

The "HUUUGE!" SkyCoaster:


  1. I don't know where they got the Carousel, but it is *NOT* the one from Cypress Gardens 2003-2007. That one was refurbished by Legoland. (Now there was a carousel at Cypress Gardens before 2003, but I don't know where it went and I don't think it was a double decker.)

  2. The carousel base is brand new and from Chance Ride Manufacturing. The horses however are from Cypress Gardens and were purchased from Legoland.

  3. Thank you for the confirmation, Jeff. We edited the post.


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