Universal Studios Update: Ready to Roll Out (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of this new Universal Studios Florida photo-report (PART 1 can be found here).

Let us continue to take a look around the Transformers ride building:

As we said before, the Optimus Prime figure was still laying on the floor two days ago:

Right next to the Transformers building, we noticed that the refurbishment of the facades of Genco Imports and Bull's Gym (in the New York section of the park) has been completed:

New railings were installed near the new wheelchair ramp:

Moving along...

The refurbishment of the San Francisco restrooms continues:

At the same time, London continues to take shape:

Our signature panoramic photo (FULL-SIZE):

One more (FULL-SIZE):

More photos of the area:

Moving on to the Simpsons' new expanded themed area:

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