SeaWorld Update: -22 'till Antarctica Opens (PART 1)

Hello, and welcome to a new SeaWorld Orlando photo-report! We usually have great sunny skies here in Central Florida, but yesterday we had to brave the rain to bring you some of the latest pictures from the park. This should make you at least appreciate this update even more, thinking about us walking under the rain and laughing at the fact that we live so close to the parks, and therefore could have chosen another day to visit... Oh, well. That being said, we hope you will find this update an enjoyable one:

Let's begin with our mandatory Manta photos:

All the waterfalls were working:

Work is taking place in the plaza right in front of the Pets Ahoy! theater entrance:

Time to check out Antarctica from the ground:

Many new trees have been planted:

I see... ice:

Great details:

They really need higher trees to hide this huge show-building:

Unfortunately, it looks like we will have to wait for these trees to grow:

It's going to take a while...

More ice!:

Walls are down around the refurbished Atlantis restrooms, revealing new planters:

See if you can also spot the new speakers:

A couple of shots of Journey to Atlantis:

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